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Corporate Livestreaming

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Livestreaming your next event or conference is the perfect way to deliver your message to your audience around the world.  

Our team is with you every step of the way, providing creative and technical expertise. Let us do the heavy lifting so you focus on what matters: Your message.

types of livestreams

  • Town Halls

  • Fiscal Year Kickoffs​​

  • Investor Relations

  • Brand/Product Launches

  • Virtual Conferences/Workshops

  • Training Sessions

Features & Benefits

Professional Production Quality: The Digital Presence only uses the highest-quality equipment, enhancing the overall experience. 


Technical Expertise: Our experienced team handles all the behind-the-scenes work, allowing internal teams to focus on preparing content and engaging with employees.

Customized Set Design:  From a real location to a branded design, leverage our backdrop technology to create any look you want:

Customization Options: Our livestreams are tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences with custom digital overlays and design. 

Efficient Execution: We handle equipment, setup, and logistics saving the company time and resources. 

Scalability: Our production quality remains consistent regardless of the event size, maximizing impact and accessibility for employees. 


Audience Reach: Live streaming allows companies to reach remote employees, distributed teams, and individuals unable to attend events in person. 


Engagement and Interaction: The Digital Presence can integrate interactive features into live streams, such as live chat, breakouts, Q&A sessions, and polls.

Post-Event Analytics: After your live streams, The Digital Presence can provide you with valuable analytics and insights along with full high-quality recordings of the sessions.



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